Zeeco Combustion Rentals

Zeeco Combustion Rentals

Whether your application requires a full plant emergency relief flare or a portable incinerator while maintenance is performed on a permanent unit, Zeeco offers combustion rental equipment at your disposal. Our open flaring equipment ranges from small skid and trailer mounted flares to 300 ft tall elevated systems. Our enclosed vapor combustor, incineration, and flare systems can dispose of anywhere from very small process vent streams to 30,000 cfm contaminated air streams.

While our range of capabilities is vast, the common features with all Zeeco rental equipment is ease in installation and simple customer interface. Contact us today, our Combustion Rental Group engineers are ready to provide you with a detailed review of your application right now.

Call +1 918 893 7795 for your Rental needs.

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Common Applications:

  • Emergency Flare Replacement
  • Flares for Day to Day Equipment Maintenance
  • RTO/Incineration and Thermal Oxidation System Backup and Replacement
  • High Pressure Blow-Downs (Pipeline and Product Storage)
  • Low Pressure Tank Degassing
  • Loading Operations (Gasoline and Others)
  • Vapor Control
  • VRU/Vapor Combustor Backup
  • Combustion Equipment to Meet New Stream Regulations
  • Capacity Upgrades for Existing Systems
  • Performance Enhancement for Existing Systems
  • Well Testing and Drilling
  • Soil and Ground Water Remediation

Equipment Available:

  • Large Elevated Flares (up to 300 ft)
  • Trailer Mounted Flares
  • Skid Mounted Flares
  • Air Assisted Flares
  • Incinerators
  • Thermal Oxidation Systems
  • RTO Backup Systems
  • Enclosed Flares
  • Vapor Combustors
  • Biogas Flares for Landfills and Digesters
  • Knock Out Drums, Liquid Seals and Detonation Arresters
  • And More…
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