Zeeco Biogas Flare

Biogas & Landfill

Biogas flare systems are used to dispose of gases that are produced from decomposition of organic matter or biomass. Typical examples are gases produced from landfills, anaerobic digesters, or other biomass sources. Gases are typically mixtures of methane, carbon dioxide, small amounts of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and others. Biogas must be handled in a specific manner to ensure combustion to a high degree of efficiency. In addition, the possibility of oxygen in the gas mixture coming to the flare means flame arrestors and special flame arresting burners must be employed. Biogas can be burned to a high degree of efficiency in either an elevated flare or an enclosed ground flare system. Zeeco also has specially designed pilots that can operate using biogas as the fuel source.

Eliminate multiple site visits with remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control. With ZEECO Guardian, operators can immediately identify and potentially correct the issue—wirelessly. Installed in new or existing landfill flare systems, ZEECO Guardian incorporates a fully automated alert notification system that can alert operators via text messaging, email, or voice call. Service technicians receive Guardian’s detailed alert information, helping to identify the faulty component and minimize flare downtime. ZEECO Guardian also serves as a backup data recorder should your primary chart recorder fail, keeping operators EPA GHG reporting compliant.

Biogas Enclosed Flare Brochure
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Biogas Utility Flare Brochure
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Zeeco Guardian™
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