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At Zeeco, our field service engineers and support specialists are strategically located around the world to ensure your plant is quickly returned to service. equipment inspectionWhether you operate a refinery, petrochemical, LNG, power, or gas processing plant—or any facility that depends on combustion and emissions control equipment—Zeeco provides the engineering expertise and flexible service agreements that make us the first choice in comprehensive field service. We offer maintenance and troubleshooting for all major manufacturers' parts and equipment.

More Efficient Turnarounds.

  • Take advantage of our turnaround and maintenance inspections
  • Planning through Zeeco avoids costly expediting fees
  • Field-proven maintenance procedures and recommendations
  • Parts inventory analysis – ensure you have the right parts on hand at the right time
  • Our experts will help you identify and correct maintenance and operational issues
  • Our long-term parts and services contracts give you peace of mind before, during, and after a turnaround

Installation and Start-Up Assistance.

Installation and start-up assistance is often required on new projects because of evolving equipment designs and the complexity of larger combustion systems. With Zeeco combustion specialists on site, rest assured your equipment is installed and commissioned properly – avoiding costly mistakes that affect future performance.


Zeeco's Combustion and Equipment Services Include:

  • Fired equipment survey
  • Refractory and tile inspection
  • Pre-turnaround inspections
  • Combustion parts inventory review
  • Heater tuning
  • Startup assistance
  • Turnaround planning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Thermographic surveys
  • UAV drone (aerial) inspections
  • Onsite maintenance and operator training
  • VRU/VCU Preventative Maintenance and Optimization


Onsite training is a vital aspect of operating, maintaining, and tuning your combustion equipment. Zeeco combustion specialists are available to train plant personnel regarding the proper operations of burners, flares, and incinerators, and also the recommended maintenance procedures for all combustion equipment. onsite trainingWhen problems arise, our specialists are available to assist with troubleshooting and problem diagnosis. Years of hands-on experience in the design and operation of combustion equipment give us the edge in resolving your operational problems.

The Zeeco Difference.

When you call, we answer. When you request a quote, you will have a response within 24 hours. We treat every customer with the same responsiveness and respect, no matter what your size – from independent producers to international energy providers.

We have experts on six continents and can be wherever you need us to be, when you need us to be there. We work closely with our suppliers and partner with you to provide heroic turnaround times when you need them most.

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