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Zeeco regularly documents the modeling, testing and installation of our combustion and environmental systems to demonstrate their performance in various process and climate conditions and while using different fuels, flows and more. You can easily search our video library here and on YouTube.

40 Years of Innovation & Success

Zeeco Overview

Why Power Generating Facilities Partner with Zeeco

Boiler Burner Firing in Furnace

Aftermarket & Rapid Response

Flare Pilot Lit in Hurricane Conditions

Down Fired Gas Burner Firing

Drone Flare Tip Inspections

Radiant Wall Burner Firing in Process Furnace

Wellhead Flare System - Mobile Setup

ZEECO FlareGuardian

Liquid Flare Firing

Process Burner Replacement Insert

UV IR Flame Scanner - ProFlame

Furnace Firing Radiant Wall Process Burners

Ignition System - Flame Front Generator with HEI

Enclosed Rental Flare System Setup

FREE JET Burner Firing

Industrial Oil Burner Firing

Physical Airflow Modeling Demo - Duct Burners

Trailer Mounted Enclosed Flare - ZEECO Zephyr

Boiler Burner Firing - FREE JET

Physical Airflow Modeling Setup - Duct Burners

Weather Resistant Burner Pilot - Water Test

Ultra-Low-NOx Emissions Burner Firing

Flare Stack Thermocouple Pusher/Puller System

Flat Flame Furnace Burner Firing

Multi-Jet Sonic Flare Stack Firing

Burners Firing in Decomposition Furnace

Firing Ultra-Low-NOx Emissions FREE JET Burner