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guy wire supported rental system
Guy Wire Supported Rental System

Whether you have a full-scale emergency or a simple maintenance need, renting combustion equipment can be frustrating. With Zeeco, it doesn’t have to be. By concentrating on what we do best, Zeeco has grown into a worldwide leader in combustion solutions. We are a privately held company whose ownership stays highly involved in daily operations, with upper management comprised of the world's leading combustion experts.

Our rental solutions come in all sizes.

Zeeco offers emergency relief flaring equipment ranging from small skid and trailer-mounted flares to 300-foot-tall, elevated systems. Our enclosed vapor combustors, incineration and flare systems dispose of anything from small process vent streams to 30,000 cfm contaminated air streams. Simply put, no application is too small or too large for us to handle.

Engineered to make it easy.

As with all Zeeco solutions, your combustion rental is backed by full-scale engineering support. Our seasoned engineers provide a quick evaluation, and will work hand-in-hand with our rental team to ensure heroic turnaround times, competitive pricing and a seamless solution from start to finish.

Common Applications

  • Emergency flare replacement
  • Flares for day-to-day equipment maintenance
  • RTO/Incineration and Thermal Oxidation System Backup and Replacement
  • High pressure blowdowns (pipeline and product storage)
  • Low pressure tank degassing
  • Loading operations (gasoline and others)
  • Vapor control
  • VRU/Vapor Combustor Backup
  • Combustion equipment to meet new stream regulations
  • Capacity upgrades for existing systems
  • Performance enhancement for existing systems
  • Well testing and drilling
  • Soil and groundwater remediation

Available Equipment

  • Large elevated flares up to 300 ft (91 m)
  • Trailer-mounted flares
  • Skid-mounted flares
  • Air assisted flares
  • Thermal oxidizer
  • RTO backup systems
  • Enclosed flares
  • Vapor combustors
  • Biogas flares for landfills and digesters
  • Knock out drums, liquid seals and detonation arresters
  • Other equipment available
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