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demountable flare

Zeeco’s Demountable Flare System can easily accommodate your flaring needs.

Avoid unnecessary downtime with accessibility at hand.

Designed around accessibility, our demountable flaring system can utilize one flare stack riser as a spare by easily bypassing the flare gas inlet stream when the primary flare stack is out of service. By incorporating multiple flare stack risers to a single structure, the amount of land needed for a large, integrated refinery/chemical plant/production facility is reduced by the system’s capacity to support the flaring needs for as many as 10 separate units or processes. Maintenance equipment such as cranes are no longer required since the demountable flare system allows each flare tip to be lowered to grade for necessary Inspections, completely eliminating any requirement to shut down your facility for flare maintenance.

Our demountable flare is a full system consisting of a major derrick-type support structure, including individual flare stack risers with flanged flare gas riser sections and utility piping. Each riser section has its own junction box that allows easy access to all electrical and instrumental wiring. The self-contained winch systems are used in conjunction with cables, sheaves, and pulleys for demounting the risers. Major platforms are included in the derrick structure to facilitate easy access to the demountable stacks. These platforms provide plenty of work room for personnel and the required tools needed during the mounting/demounting process. Zeeco’s demountable flare concept can be applied to any type of flare, including simple utility flare tips, steam assisted flare tips, gas assisted flare tips, sonic flare tips, and even blower air assisted flare tips. Our systems can be designed to exceed 200 meters (650 ft) in overall height and accommodate flare stack riser diameters in excess of 2.5 meters (100 inches).

refinery installation in India
Refinery Installation in India


  • Avoid costly plant shutdowns by utilizing one stack riser as a spare when the primary stack is out of service for maintenance.
  • Eliminate the need for rental equipment such as large cranes for maintenance work. Individual demountable flare stacks allow the flare tip to be lowered to grade, providing accessibility for inspection and service.
  • Accommodate multiple flare stack risers by mounting up to 10 individual riser stacks on a single structure.
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