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flare gas recovery system

With the implementation of the latest EPA NSPS Ja flare regulations, refineries are under tremendous pressure to dramatically reduce overall plant emissions to avoid costly consequences. Zeeco offers the industry’s most economical solution to transition refinery flares to a clean, energy-efficient flare gas recovery process that also creates surprising economic benefits and better bottom lines.

ZEECO® Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) systems meet the strict compliance issues of NSPS Ja and help refiners recoup their financial investment in the shortest amount of time. Our FGR systems work with your existing flare to achieve near-zero flaring while recovering valuable waste gas that can be reused as fuel or feedstock.

Near-zero flaring reduces fuel gas consumption; reduces flaring light, noise, and odor; reduces steam consumption; lengthens flare tip life; and builds a more positive company image. In other words, ZEECO FGR systems deliver an exponential advantage that literally pays for itself.


Compliance reliance.

The world’s most recognized names in the refining, production, LNG, power, biogas, and pharmaceutical industries have relied on Zeeco for more than three decades to keep them operating cleaner, safer, and smarter than ever. And no wonder. Zeeco has earned an outstanding reputation for design innovation, creative thinking, and nimble responsiveness.

Since 1979, Zeeco has tackled the world’s most complex refinery challenges with next-generation combustion and environmental products that offer low and ultra-low emissions, high performance, and exceptional reliability. Today, our engineering innovation is without equal—and it shows in thousands of Zeeco installations across 74 countries.

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