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There are salespeople. There are engineers. And then there are combustion engineers. You’ll find more of the latter at Zeeco than anywhere else in the world.

Beyond a degree in mechanical or chemical engineering, Zeeco Aftermarket employees have also earned their stripes through extensive, hands-on problem solving in highly complex combustion applications. It’s not enough to just know part numbers. We have the field experience and technical expertise to thoroughly support your combustion requirements, from assessment, to delivery, to on-site training and service, if needed.

Off-the-shelf or engineered to order.

Simply put, we will replace your parts in-kind or better. Our aftermarket products are engineered, based on our extensive combustion experience, to be exceedingly effective and long-lived in the field.

Today, you may simply need a specific part delivered off-the-shelf, fast. We can do that. Tomorrow, you may need a new replacement part that is engineered to have a longer life and better performance in your unique environment. We can do that and more – quickly, efficiently, effectively, and easily.

Say goodbye to red tape. Say hello to your newer, better parts.


aftermarket products services team
Zeeco's aftermarket products and services team

Off-the-shelf or engineered to order.

Often, once a part is shipped, our work has just begun. Zeeco offers training programs for every situation, from simple “lunch-and-learns” to multi-day, on-site training.

Over the past three decades, we have learned the true value of teaching operations and on-site maintenance specific to your facility. With Zeeco’s training, you will gain invaluable knowledge and be able to determine if your equipment is operating as it was intended. You will also learn how to minimize downtime, which will guarantee your equipment is up and running faster. In addition, you will learn how to detect problems early to prevent costly repairs or lost production time down the road.

Zeeco is a world leader in aftermarket combustion products. We offer replacement components for our own superlative equipment, as well as competitors’ parts, all at extremely economical prices.

Our products are only part of the equation. It is the people behind the products – engineers with extensive combustion experience – that elevate our aftermarket group from the role of a mere supplier to that of a true partner in your long-term success.

In addition to training.

Zeeco also offers a full menu of services, including on-site refurbishing, burner cleaning, burner maintenance oversight, supervision of flare tip installation, and much more. We stand ready and willing to offer hands-on help whenever you need it, whether that involves cleaning and repair of our own equipment, our competitors’ equipment, or both.

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