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The only pilot to operate continuously in hurricane force winds.

Just ask our customers in the eye of the storm. They’ll tell you the ZEECO® HSLF pilot was the only flare pilot to operate continuously when their facilities were directly hit by hurricanes Ike and Rita.

You can expect the same level of reliability – in some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet – when you install a ZEECO HSLF pilot. Proven to withstand hurricane-force winds of 170 mph (274 km/h) at Zeeco’s Combustion Research and Test Facility, the HSLF flare pilot offers unparalleled performance.

hslf flare pilot

Engineering experience for extreme longevity.

Flare pilots are exposed to all kinds of extremes – temperature, inert flare purge, flame impingement, environmental conditions, weather events, and more. That’s why Zeeco goes to extreme lengths to engineer and manufacture our HSLF pilots to withstand the challenges and outlast the rest.

The ZEECO HSLF flare pilot utilizes investment castings instead of welded seam fabrication to maximize the pilot’s operating life. To guard the orifice and prevent weather from disrupting gas flow, we fortify our flare pilots with a unique investment cast pilot mixer assembly with an integrated weathershield. No other pilot has this feature. We can also retrofit the HSLF pilot to competitor flare systems.

The ZEECO HSLF pilot operates with a variety of hydrocarbon fuel gas compositions, including butane, ethylene, hydrogen and propane, low-BTU gases, or any combination of these fuels.

Standard Features

  • Flame Front Generator (FFG) ignition
  • Fixed, single element type K thermocouple with stainless steel thermocouple protection system (provides tertiary protection and ensures the thermocouple maintains the proper position in the thermo well)
  • Cast heavy wall thermo wells included in pilot shields (maximizes thermal conductivity between flame and thermocouple)
  • HSLF mixer is engineered to maximize the efficiency of inspiration and mixing
  • Extensive utilization of stainless steel investment cast components
  • All stainless steel construction, including a stainless steel strainer that prevents plugging of pilot mixer orifice
  • Mixer is engineered to easily transfer and handle high utility piping loads
  • Can operate using a wide variety of hydrocarbon fuel gas compositions
  • Configurations available for all flare types


  • Stand-alone High Energy Ignition (HEI) with investment cast junction box and integral radiation shield (as an alternative to standard FFG ignition) or in combination with FFG ignition
  • Dual High Energy Ignition (HEI) systems
  • Flame proving using ionization rod
  • Flame proving using optical monitoring from grade
  • Dual element or multiple thermocouples
  • Alternative metallurgies available, e.g. INCONEL® 625 or INCOLOY® 800H
  • Retractable thermocouple systems
  • Patented pusher/straightener installation machine
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