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JM-1S-EF Tip Angle SDFIndustrial Burner Pilots

Zeeco designs and manufactures a full line of high-stability pilots to ignite process, power, and other burner technology in utility, industrial, and petrochemical applications. Engineered to withstand high burner temperatures and extreme conditions, ZEECO pilots are available in manual or electric ignition, with and without flame rods, and in variable fuel ranges with a single tip.


JM Pilot Assembly

The ZEECO JM pilot assembly is a high-stability design designed to operate with a single tip from 100% propane to 90% hydrogen. Reliable pilots are one of the most important features for operator safety. So, the ability to function correctly over such a wide range of fuels with a single pilot tip without flame issues sets the JM design apart from other manual ignition pilot designs. The pilot functions in wide ranges of draft conditions, essential during the most critical furnace start-up and shutdown periods. The design can be used as either a continuous pilot or as an intermittent pilot, which is shut off after the operator has verified a stable burner flame.


JM Pilots

JM-1S Manual Ignition Pilot

JM-1S-E Electric Ignition Pilot

JM-1S-EF Electric Ignition Pilot Assembly with Flame Rod

JM-1S-EF Electric Ignition and Detection Pilot (Forced Draft)

JM-1S-F Pilot with Flame Detection

JM-1S-E-HEI High Stability Pilots


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