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navigator thermocouple pusher straightener

Thermocouples are commonly used in the industry for required flare pilot flame detection. The prolonged exposure to extreme heat at the flare tip means thermocouples are typically viewed as a consumable item that must be regularly replaced. Zeeco’s retractable thermocouple system eliminates costly shutdowns by allowing operators to replace thermocouples at grade without taking the flare offline.

What’s included.

Zeeco retractable thermocouple systems consist of retractable thermocouples, guide tubing with supports, and a ZEECO® Navigator™ pusher/straightener device. Typically, Zeeco provides one retractable thermocouple for each pilot serving the flare tip. Each thermocouple is then terminated at a junction box or control panel near the base of the stack and is housed in its own half-inch, internally polished and stainless steel guide tube that protects and guides the thermocouple from grade to the pilot

navigator thermocouple pusher straightener closed
The Zeeco Navigator Thermocouple Pusher/Straightener Device

Zeeco Navigator™.

Zeeco’s Navigator™ is a patented pusher/straightener device for the quick and easy installation and retraction of thermocouples used with Zeeco flare pilots. Maintaining a straight thermocouple prevents added friction between the thermocouple and guide tubing. The Navigator ensures the thermocouple enters the guide tube as straight as possible. Mounted to the bulkhead fitting at the end of each guide tube, the Navigator eliminates the need for manual pushing and pulling, which allows for seamless installation and removal of retractable thermocouples up to two hundred meters in length.

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