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Zeeco designs and delivers the most reliable and efficient combustion and environmental solutions for gas processing applications. Zeeco’s horizontal or vertical packaged thermal oxidizer systems can handle all BTEX emissions, glycol vent gas and/or amine stripper acid gas streams with a 99.999% destruction efficiency. With more than 20 global locations, numerous manufacturing facilities, and an engineering brain trust that is simply unmatched, Zeeco delivers the right thermal oxidizer for your process conditions.

We work in your window.

Zeeco’s packaged thermal oxidizers are available off the shelf or for rental applications, and can be delivered in as fast as a week.. Mounted on a pre-piped, prewired skid, our units require only minimal field assembly for fast installation. Quick response, on-site engineering, 24/7 support, and technical consultation are always available, even after installation.

vertical thermal oxidizer
Zeeco Z-VTO Vertical Thermal Oxidizer

Systems that solve complex problems, simply.

Safety – NFPA 86 compliant, designed for Class 1, Division 2 area classification minimum, SIL 2 Burner Management System.

Delivery – Always in stock or in production. Spare parts on-hand for quick delivery. Equipment rental available for fast, temporary demands.

Simplicity – Mounted on a pre-piped, prewired skid with minimal field assembly.

Reliability – More than 35 years of experience designing industrial-scale combustion solutions, including large thermal oxidizers. Recognized combustion industry leader that stands behind our equipment.

Compliance – Guaranteed destruction and removal efficiencies of 99.999 percent.

Flexibility – Each unit comes with all necessary internal hardware required to handle any waste or combination of wastes without cutting or welding. Units are skidmounted and easy to relocate.

horizontal thermal oxidizer
Zeeco Z-HTO Horizontal Thermal Oxidizer

Design Features

  • ZEECO burner specifically designed for acid gas, glycol vent gas, flash gas
  • ZEECO Burner Management System (BMS) PLC, instruments, controls, and HMI at local control panel
  • Combustion air blower with variable frequency drive
  • Full rain shield prevents acid gas condensation
  • Greater than 99.999% DRE
  • NFPA 86 compliance

Options Available

  • Detonation arrestor
  • Knockout drum
  • Waste block valves
  • Process control system (minimal outside control interface required)
  • ZEECO Guardian™ Wireless Remote Monitoring System (cellular accessibility)
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