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The Zeeco redesigned Oil Gun Insert now allows for easier installation and maintenance which means a quicker turnaround to get your burner back in operation. Contact Zeeco’s Aftermarket Products and Services department today to learn more about the new CBB Oil Gun model or to request a quotation at or by phone at +1-918-258-8551.

Co-Axial CBB oil gun
New Co-Axial CBB Oil Gun

Previous Design

  • Sleeve/Gasket location on upper receiver body
  • Difficult copper clad gasket replacement
  • Minimal sleeve to gasket tolerance requires tight fit of gaskets
  • Gasket replacement must be done at the burner in potentially undesirable conditions

Enhanced Design

  • Sleeve/Gasket location moved to lower oil gun body
  • Easy installation of copper clad gasket in both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Redesigned sleeve tolerance to allow for easier gasket installation
  • Gasket replacement can now be done away from burner in controlled environment
  • Less damage and loss to copper clad gaskets
  • Easier and faster installation and maintenance
  • Reduced burner downtime
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