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trailer mounted wellhead flare

Designed for wellhead, tank battery, and gas processing applications, Zeeco’s thermal oxidizers and skidmounted or trailer-mounted flare rentals are reliable, smokeless solutions for production and processing. Zeeco’s flare systems meet the most stringent requirements while achieving up to 99% or greater destruction removal, while our thermal oxidizers achieve destruction efficiencies as high as 99.999%, in compliance with the latest EPA standards. With Zeeco’s durable construction and high performance, our rental systems provide virtually maintenance-free operation with no adjustment or electrical requirements over their entire operating lifetime.

Easy installation and operation.

Zeeco’s rental systems are engineered with fast installation time in mind. Not only are Zeeco systems easily transportable, they can be installed within a matter of hours. Our simple-to- operate design minimizes operator errors with an easy-to-use control system for monitoring and adjusting critical parameters. Our 24/7 Rapid Response Team can assist with set-up, operation, and training to work directly with your personnel to ensure trouble-free operation.

Multiple designs available.

Zeeco offers several designs and a wide range of optional equipment to meet your production or processing needs.

Common Applications

  • Emergency flare replacement
  • Flares for day-to-day equipment maintenance
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) backup
  • High pressure blowdowns (pipeline and product storage)
  • Low pressure tank degassing
  • Loading operations (gasoline and others)
  • Vapor control
  • Vapor combustor backup
  • Combustion equipment to meet new stream regulations
  • Capacity upgrades for existing systems
  • Performance enhancement for existing systems
  • Well testing and drilling
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Pilot plant projects
  • Vapor Recovery Replacement
  • Hidden Flame Combustion for high visibility areas
  • Temporary equipment while permanent equipment is being built

Available Equipment

  • Large elevated flares up to 300 ft (91m)
  • Trailer-mounted flares
  • Skid-mounted flares
  • Air-assisted flares
  • Thermal oxidizers
  • RTO backup systems
  • Enclosed flares
  • Vapor combustors
  • Biogas flares for landfills and digesters
  • Knockout drums, liquid seals, and detonation arresters
  • Flare monitoring systems for regulatory compliance
  • Other equipment available
  • 24/7 Zeeco support
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