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The Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) is often referred to as the Claus Process. This process recovers elemental sulfur from petroleum and natural gas refining processes and reduces the hazardous sulfur emissions to limits permitted by national and local air quality requirements. Zeeco supplies all of the combustion equipment used in the Claus process, including high intensity style burners, reaction furnaces, inline heaters/reducing gas generators, tail gas incinerators, and waste heat boilers.

world largest sulfur recovery unit
World's largest SRU tail gas incinerator - one of nine similar incineration systems supplied by Zeeco

World-class engineering & reliability.

Zeeco is a world leader in the development of combustion solutions for the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and power generation industries.Our staff members have extensive experience in design, fabrication, and operation of SRU combustion equipment.

sru reaction furnace
SRU reaction furnace with firetube waste heat boiler

Zeeco has a proven track record of producing the world’s largest and most advanced combustion equipment for the sulfur recovery process. Our combustion equipment is always custom engineered to meet our clients’ specific needs, whatever the situation requires.

Equipment reliability is essential for profitable plant operations. For this reason, Zeeco chooses quality components and materials for all of our products to maximize service life and eliminate unnecessary shutdowns.

SRU tail gas incinerator
Natural draft SRU tail gas incinerator

Ultra-low NOx technology.

Zeeco’s tail gas incinerators can provide Ultra-Low NOx performance via the use of Zeeco’s patented Free-Jet burner technology. ZEECO Free- Jet burner technology uses the jet momentum of the fuel gas injection system to entrain relatively inert tail gases in a manner that significantly lowers core flame temperatures, resulting in dramatically reduced thermal NOx production. Independent third party tests prove Zeeco’s Ultra- Low NOx incineration technology provides as low as 5 ppm(vd) NOx performance under actual field conditions.


The chemical and hydrocarbon industries employ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling tools to aid in equipment design. Zeeco combines CFD technology with our extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and operation of combustion equipment to ensure optimal performance.

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