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Founded in 1979, Zeeco has steadily become the world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced combustion and environmental solutions. With more than 25+ global locations on virtually every continent, Zeeco is strategically positioned for fast customer response in any time zone.

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A Single Team Committed to Your Project’s Success

Zeeco has the field experience and technical expertise to thoroughly support your project with our turnaround management and maintenance services. We supply parts for all Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) combustion equipment, with competitive pricing and rapid delivery. Let us schedule, manage, and coordinate your turnaround requirements for parts and services, from assessment to delivery, installation, and onsite training. Our engineers are industry experts, striving for a customerfirst mentality with professional but personal relationships. Our turnaround services allow you a single point of contact for all your fired equipment on-site during planned shutdowns. With Zeeco combustion specialists on-site, rest assured your equipment will be installed and commissioned properly – avoiding costly mistakes that affect future performance.


Your Turnaround Just Got Easierturnaround-management

Step One: Survey

    • Conduct inspection of equipment on-site
      • Meet facility turnaround scope guidelines (12-18 months)

Step Two: Report

    • Submit inspection report to facility
      • Typically within a few weeks after combustion survey

Step Three: Prepare

    • Procure parts and service contract(s)
      • Within 6-9 months leading up to turnaround

Step Four: Execute

    • Perform site maintenance during turnaround

Step Five: Complete

    • Provide necessary documentation after execution
      • Typically within a few weeks after turnaround
Zeeco’s Turnaround Capabilities Include:
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Flare tip replacement, inspection, and repair
  • Burner repair, maintenance, cleaning, and combustion optimization
  • Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) and Vapor Combustion Units (VCU) maintenance, retrofit, and activated carbon replacement
  • Refractory inspection and burner tile replacement
  • Engineering studies/optimization
  • Temporary combustion equipment