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Whether you’re increasing the capacity of a plant to comply with new regulations, capitalizing on an opportunity for fuel cost savings, or retrofitting your system with a new burner or flare tip, you know the onsite construction and installation process can be a real headache. Managing an array of system engineers and contractors, keeping the project on time and on budget, and dealing with unpleasant surprises can result in significant downtime for installation and business losses (not to mention more overtime for you).

incinerator stack
Incinerator Stack Single-Point Lift

Let Zeeco eliminate the hassles, reduce costs, and save time and resources by assuming single point responsibility for your combustion system upgrade. With a Zeeco Turnkey Solution, there are no contractual layers between the customer, the OEM supplier, and the contractors. It’s a single team. A single vision. A singular commitment to your success, and all backed by the engineering experience of the worldwide leader in combustion solutions.

From electrical and piping connections to the coordination of cranes, we take on the responsibility for jobsite erection and on-site installation through our LSTK (Lump Sum Turnkey) solutions.

Bottom line? From equipment design to supply and installation, Zeeco turnkey solutions ensure your projects stay on schedule and run seamlessly from concept through commissioning.

modularized flare derrick
Modularized Flare Derrick Ready for Transport

Turnkey Services Include:

  • Lifting and setting of equipment
  • Mobilization of cranes
  • Piping and wiring
  • Cable trays
  • Refractory installation and dry out
  • Emissions monitoring equipment
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up services
  • Construction management
  • Electrical power distribution

Plug and Play Modularized Systems.

Rather than expending time and energy on a loose kit of pieces, reduce installation costs by utilizing Zeeco’s modularized, pre-assembled equipment and skidding – shipped to you ready to go. Simply drop equipment skids into place, connect the required utilities, and you’re up and running.

Modularized Equipment Advantages:

  • Reduce site installation costs
  • Shipped, pre-installed on skid
  • Piped, plumbed, wired, connected
  • Reduce potential source of project overruns
  • “Plug and play” designs that bolt in place
  • Pre-tubed instrumentation
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