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We offer a range of pre-engineered designs for a variety of typical upstream applications, and our engineers can customize any of them to specifically fit your design scenario. For customers, that means taking advantage of the affordability and availability of pre-engineered designs without suffering the longer lead times or higher costs sometimes associated with custom solutions. Zeeco's flares, combustors, and ignition systems operate in nearly every major unconventional and conventional gas gathering field today. From open and enclosed well test flares to portable vapor combustors and trailer-mounted flaring systems, all ZEECO® flare stacks meet or exceed the latest EPA standards. Our enclosed ground flare systems meet the NSPS OOOO (QuadO), OOOOa, and Maximum Achievable Control Technology HH/HHH code of regulations. ZEECO enclosed ground flares have also been proven to meet EPA’s standard for the Combustion Control Devices Manufacturer’s Performance Test.

Picking the Perfect Flare.

Zeeco’s upstream combustion solutions help producers effectively deal with waste gas while staying in compliance with oil and gas gathering field environmental regulations. We have flare and combustor options to meet a variety of operating conditions and applications


Smokeless Flaring.

Many of today’s applications and regulations require smokeless combustion. Smokeless combustion is obtained by adequate mixing of fuel and oxygen at the time of ignition. For lower heating value streams (<800 Btu/Scf) there is often enough air in the surrounding atmosphere to burn without smoke and therefore no assist is required. For most upstream applications, either pressure, air, or gas-assist (or a combination thereof) are utilized to prevent visible emissions. Pressure-assisted flares use the inherent energy in higher pressure (>15 psig) waste streams and convert it to turbulent flow at the flare tip exit. This entrains needed combustion air from the atmosphere for smokeless operation. Air-assisted flaring often utilizes a blower or fan to create mixing by directing a percentage of the required air into the combustion zone at the exit of the flare tip. Gas-assisted flares will perform the same action by using a small amount of fuel gas to aspirate the exiting waste gas stream with the available air. With all these technologies, tip design and assist media control is needed to ensure that the appropriate amount of fuel and air along with flame stability is maintained. Lack of either can lead to reduced destruction efficiency. You can count on Zeeco’s experienced engineering team to incorporate your operating needs and process conditions to design the best flaring solution for smokeless operation. Zeeco offers continuous monitoring devices such as our ZEECO Contour™ to automate and optimize the assist media to ensure smokeless flaring even as process conditions change.

Zeeco's Upstream Flares

Zeeco offers gas-assisted flares for smokeless burning of low-pressure, heavy hydrocarbons. Our proprietary designs deliver stable burning, high-destruction efficiency, and low radiation levels when air is not practical. Gas-assisted flares have no moving parts and do not require electricity.

Zeeco's UF series utility flare is ideal for onshore or offshore applications that do not require smokeless performance or where smokeless flaring can be managed without assist media. Our UF flare series is one of the most in-demand flares of its kind for punishing conditions that include extreme temperatures, oxidizing environments, and high winds or heavy rain. Zeeco's UF utility flares are engineered with a unique arrangement of proprietary flame stabilization tabs to ensure stable and high-efficiency flaring through the entire design range of flows – from maximum emergency flaring to purge gas flow rates.

When circumstances demand a fully enclosed flame, ZEECO® systems offer quiet, smokeless, high-efficiency combustion with no visible flame and easy installation. Zeeco's enclosed flare systems are ideal for use with tank batteries, heater treaters, flow back operations, Vapor Recovery Towers (VRT), separators, and more. Our systems are engineered to meet the most stringent emissions requirements while achieving up to 99% or greater destruction removal. Our Enclosed Flare systems meet the NSPS OOOO, OOOOa, and Maximum Achievable Control Technology HH/HHH code of regulations.

Unique Systems and Options.

If you need to safely and effectively handle different types of waste streams, including the high pressure well head separator / heater treater flows, as well as low pressure tank battery vent gases common to most well pad locations, Zeeco’s multi-stream capabilities are the answer. Our production flare tip and stack systems can be engineered to perform independently or combined to form a multi-stream flare, saving space and reducing costs. Our systems can combine air-assist, gas-assist, and non-assist flare systems on a single riser and can be converted from single stream to dual stream or multi-stream and back as conditions demand. Zeeco offers a wide range of pre-engineered models handling LP flowrates up to 2 MMScfd and HP flowrates up to 60 MMScfd, with self-supported designs up to 40’ tall, and guy-wire supported designs for taller flares.

ZEECO® Contour™

The ZEECO Contour delivers automated, real-time, direct monitoring, and flare control at a fraction of the cost of indirect measurement systems. Unlike other systems that require direct contact with the flare header, ZEECO Contour uses infrared (IR) technology to assess the flare combustion zone and control the optimal volume of air assist to ensure proper combustion with high destruction efficiency (DE) – independent of the waste gas composition and flow. Operators around the world utilize this system at grade to optimize flare control, prevent non-compliance with environmental regulations, reduce utility consumption, prolong equipment life, and enhance destruction efficiency.

ProFlame™ and ProFlame+™

Zeeco offers a line of proprietary ProFlame and ProFlame+ scanners to meet a variety of flame detection requirements in the oil and gas industry. Our scanners are approved by various bodies, including UL and CSA, and meet different hazardous environment classifications, such as Zone I, II, and III. Common upstream applications of this technology include flame verification in enclosed flares, vapor combustors, heater treaters, and more. ProFlame scanners offer greater reliability and flexibility over other flame detection technologies, such as ionization rods and thermal couples.

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Rental and Aftermarket Solutions.

With the largest fleet of rental equipment in the world and personnel staged across every major U.S. shale basin, Zeeco is ready to respond whenever and wherever you need us. From rental flares, vapor combustors, and thermal oxidizers to parts and service on demand – for our equipment or other manufacturers’ equipment – customers trust Zeeco. ZEECO® temporary/ rental systems can be portable (trailer mounted), or skid mounted for easy movement by truck for onsite assembly. Our temporary flare systems range from 300 foot tall guy wire supported units with all associated controls, to two inch flare tip assemblies for well testing or well site use.

Beyond flare systems, Zeeco maintains a rental fleet of skid and trailer-mounted vapor combustor units (VCUs) staged around the world and available on demand. Our rental vapor combustors offer easy operation and installation within a matter of hours. From simple skid mounted designs to fully automated, trailer mounted enclosed combustors, we can help. Whether you have high flow, high pressure hydrocarbon-rich streams, lean low pressure contaminated air streams – or anything in between – our rental systems make automatic adjustments to provide consistently smokeless operation with high destruction efficiencies. And if the composition of your waste stream varies, we have rental systems designed to take operational variances in stride.

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