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vapor testing facility

With the fastest growing Aftermarket Service team in the industry, Zeeco’s field service professionals are highly trained in the service and maintenance of Carbon Bed Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), Vapor Combustion Units (VCUs), Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMs), Dock Safety Skids (DSSs), wet and dry vacuum pumps, vapor blowers and all related automations controls. Our team can support all manufacturers’ equipment.

Zeeco’s state of the art Mobile Test Labs can provide air emissions testing and environmental permitting support for any vapor control equipment in the industry. Zeeco has extensive experience in environmental compliance and testing in the petroleum and chemical industry, especially in downstream terminal operations regulated under 40CFR60 Subpart XX and 40CFR63 Subpart BBBBBB.

Zeeco’s field service professionals will respond with fully equipped service trucks, stocked with the critical spare parts required to keep your equipment operational. Each technician takes part in the highest level of industry required safety training and will show up to your site equipped with full PPE. Zeeco is registered with ISNET World, PICs, PECS, DISA and many other safety regulators.

If you have your own field service technicians, Zeeco’s highly trained staff can support your team in an emergency, during scheduled large-scale maintenance, or by providing training for your in-house technicians.

Services include:

  • Emergency services 24/7/365
  • Preventive maintenance, including PMI
  • 24-hour Aftermarket parts for ZEECO or other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Certified air emissions testing team for vapor control equipment
  • Ready to deploy rental VCUs
  • 24-hour repair and critical spare parts
  • Equipment turnarounds
  • System upgrades, including PLC programming, actuators, and valves
  • System retrofits, including wet to dry pumps, and liquid seals to detonation arrestors
  • Bench testing of carbon per ASTM
  • Carbon replacements
  • New system design and commissioning
  • Unit relocations
  • New unit installation support
  • Continuous emission monitoring, including remote monitoring
  • Automation networking
  • Engineering design evaluations and system pretesting

air emission testing
Air Emission Testing

Testing services include:

  • Testing for compliance with applicable regulations including 40CFR60 Subparts XX, Subpart R, Subpart Y, and 40CFR63 Subpart BBBBBB
  • Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATAs) compliance and certification and Cylinder Gas Audits (CGAs) to verify CEMs performance under 40CFR60 Appendix F and PS-2/8
  • Planning and executing successful RATA compliance testing in the presence of methane hydrocarbons in the test stream
  • High quality vapor recovery carbon analysis testing, including detailing particulate size, Working Butane Capacity (WBC), and specialized Gas Chromatograph (GC) chemical evaluations
  • Proven experience with U.S. EPA methods 25A/B, 7E, 10, 3, and 2A/B

VCU issues? We can help.

  • Unreliable pilots
  • Dirty detonation arrestor
  • Inability to maintain temperature
  • Smoking
  • Dirty burner tips
  • Damaged refractory
  • Outdated process control system
  • Problems with liquid seal

vapor field testing truck

VRU issues? We can help.

  • Vacuum pump capacity and pump failures
  • Motor operated valve sequencing
  • Outdated PLC
  • Replacing CEMs without methane exclusion
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