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Zeeco has invested decades of experience in complex flaring applications across the globe to develop the ZEECO Enclosed Wellhead Flare System. This simple, low-maintenance flare provides smokeless, high-efficiency combustion without field operator attendance or adjustment requirements. Zeeco's flare system is ideal for use with tank batteries, heater treaters, Vapor Recovery Towers (VRT) and more. Advantages include no visible flame and quiet operation, making Zeeco’s enclosed wellhead flare ideal for urban locations.

wellhead flare system enclosed
Enclosed Flame Wellhead Flare System

No moving parts.

Zeeco’s unique design eliminates maintenance-prone internal refractory lining and burdensome air blowers. Our proprietary flare tip inspirates air and promotes air mixing within the combustion zone to eliminate any air-starved regions within the flame, and to prevent smoke formation.

Meets regulatory requirements.

Zeeco’s enclosed wellhead flare is engineered to meet the most stringent emissions requirements while achieving up to 99% or greater destruction removal. From open and enclosed Well Test Flares to portable Vapor Combustors (Thermal Oxidizers) and Trailer Flaring Systems, all Zeeco flare systems meet the latest EPA standards and our Enclosed Ground Flare systems meet the NSPS OOOO, OOOOa, and Maximum Achievable Control Technology HH/HHH code of regulations.

Simple skid-mounted design.

Zeeco’s enclosed wellhead flare comes pre-assembled on two small skids, with pre-spooled interconnecting wiring to minimize installation time and expense.

Multiple options available.

Zeeco offers several options for our enclosed wellhead flare system, including sample ports for testing, knockout drums, flame or detonation arresters, refractory lining, and more.


  • Smokeless flaring with no minimum turndown requirements
  • No visible flame
  • Quiet operation
  • Continuous pilot for stable ignition source
  • Solar-powered control systems available
  • Ideal for urban locations
  • 24/7 Zeeco support
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