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pilot testing unit

Flare systems operate as a critical safety device within plants to combust and reduce gas reliefs to safe compositions, protecting nearby personnel and equipment. A stable, reliable, and robust pilot is the most critical component in a flare system because the pilot initiates and ensures combustion. Zeeco is proud to offer pilots tested and proven to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) 537 standards.

Given the criticality of reliable performance by flare pilots, industry leaders and international experts came together as The API and set criteria for evaluating acceptable flare pilot performance. Acceptable pilot performance in simulated, adverse conditions insures equipment operators and the public that safe and reliable flare stream destruction will be achieved. API is responsible for maintaining nearly 700 globally accepted industry standards designed to ensure reasonable expectations for real world performance.


pilot testing positions

Zeeco has installed an API-recommended test stand to test and prove the suitability of our pilot designs, to develop and test future pilot technologies, and to offer this assurance to our customers. The ZEECO® HSLF-Z pilot meets recommended API 537 testing and has been proven in wind speeds and rainfall rates that far exceed the recommended minimums of 140 km/h (85 mph) for wind speeds and 50 mm/h (2 in/h) for rainfall. To ensure your flare equipment meets safety expectations and API 537 requirements, choose a ZEECO flare pilot.

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