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By Zeeco Inc. on May 20, 2022

Zeeco Turnarounds

What should you expect from a turnaround or retrofit project? You need a provider strategically positioned for fast customer response in any time zone, with the field experience and technical expertise to get the job done right. Zeeco’s turnaround services mean you have a single point of on-site contact for all your fired equipment during a planned shutdown. If you need to retrofit burners or reduce emissions, trust Zeeco for an end-to-end gas or hydrogen firing burner retrofit solution.

Customers around the world have learned to rely on Zeeco’s proven five-step turnaround management process. The company’s streamlined system ensures customers that all planning and project execution is managed quickly and efficiently through a single point of contact.

  • Survey: Conduct inspection of equipment on-site and meet facility turnaround scope guidelines 12-18 months ahead of the planned turnaround.
  • Report: Submit inspection report to the facility, typically within a few weeks after the combustion survey.
  • Prepare: Procure parts and service contracts within six to nine months ahead of the turnaround.
  • Execute: Perform site maintenance during the turnaround.
  • Complete: Provide necessary documentation after execution, typically within a few weeks after the turnaround.
    Turnaround Capabilities

Zeeco has the field experience and technical expertise to thoroughly support your project with its turnaround management and maintenance services. Zeeco supplies parts for all OEM combustion equipment, with competitive pricing and rapid delivery. Let Zeeco schedule, manage and coordinate your turnaround requirements for parts and services, from assessment to delivery, installation and on-site training. Zeeco’s engineers are industry experts, striving for a customer-first mentality with professional yet personal relationships. The company’s turnaround services allow you a single point of contact for all your fired equipment on-site during planned shutdowns. With Zeeco combustion specialists on-site, rest assured that your equipment will be installed and commissioned properly — avoiding costly mistakes that affect future performance.


Whether you face a full-scale emergency or a simple maintenance need, renting the right combustion equipment can be frustrating. Zeeco combustion rentals span the scope and capacity to keep any facility’s essential operations on line during both planned and emergency flare outages. The company’s rental flare systems are supported entirely by Zeeco turnkey combustion services and can keep specific processes on line or eliminate the need to fully de-inventory plants — shortening turnarounds by days. Zeeco rental equipment includes flare systems, flare monitoring and control systems, thermal oxidizers and vapor combustors. Zeeco’s aftermarket team delivers the same attention to detail, engineered expertise and on-time, on-spec performance — whether you have Zeeco equipment or not. From turnarounds to retrofits and rental equipment, Zeeco’s project management and engineering expertise consistently delivers the outcomes customers demand.

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