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By Zeeco on November 14, 2017

USA – BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA – Zeeco, Inc., today announced its Louisville, KY location is fully operational and has begun providing state and federally mandated air emission testing and emission monitoring testing for vapor control equipment in the petroleum terminal market.

“Terminal operators today face ever-tightening environmental regulations and compliance for their emission monitoring equipment. We are experienced in Relative Accuracy Test Auditing (RATA) for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and can provide specialized support when methane is part of the stream,” Jim Stamm, Senior Environmental Engineer for Zeeco, said.

Zeeco is known as a world leader for combustion equipment and environmental solutions, with more than 20 global locations serving multiple markets. “In Louisville, we have a team of experienced engineers, each with decades of experience, positioned to serve the midstream, light products, and bulk storage facility markets,” Darton Zink, President and CEO of Zeeco, Inc., said. “This strategically located office is part of our extensive vapor control service group, enabling us to quickly serve customers anywhere in the United States or Canada,” Zink said.

“Our engineers are fully equipped for various necessary testing methods, including EPA Methods 25A, 25B, and 2A; CO and NOx, CEMS, Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA), and RATA compliance testing,” Stamm said. “We can also design and pretest systems, provide engineering evaluations and in some cases remotely monitor customer equipment to ensure a facility is capable of meeting federally-mandated regulations and rules,” he said.

The Zeeco Louisville office will also provide high quality vapor recovery carbon analysis testing, including detailing particulate size, Working Butane Capacity (WBC) and specialized Gas Chromatograph (GC) chemical evaluations.

Zeeco Louisville is located at 11505 Commonwealth Drive in Louisville, KY.

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