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By Zeeco on June 3, 2021

jet flat flame glsf series

This document discusses the advantages of the GLSF design and compares its performance with conventional and low-NOx emissions burner designs.

Zeeco® offers the proven GLSF Enhanced Jet Flat Flame technology for ethylene cracking, coking, reforming and process heater-type applications that require a flat flame profile and low emissions.


GLSF Enhanced Jet Flat Flame Technology Advantages

The GLSF Enhanced Jet Flat Flame burner design offers the following advantages:
  • No flame rollover
  • Better turndown
  • Superior heat flux profile
  • Superior low NOx emissions
  • Compact design that may be retrofit into existing furnaces
  • Low initial cost
  • Low maintenance costs


Superior NOx Emissions

The Zeeco GLSF Enhanced Jet Flat Flame burner uses internal flue gas recirculation to lower NOx emissions. As the primary gas burns, inert products of combustion are generated (see figure below). The secondary gas passes through the primary gas' product of combustion, forming a diluted fuel composition that is burned next to the furnace wall. The secondary gas burns over the region in which the primary gas is burning—resulting in combustion at a reduced peak flame temperature and thermal NOx production.

Compact Design

Since the GLSF design does not have a metal flame stabilization device in the burner's throat, the burner size is relatively small. The advantages of smaller burner external dimensions are:

  • Easy retrofit - Since the external dimensions of the burner are smaller, it can normally replace conventional NOx and staged-fuel NOx burners with only minor furnace modifications.
  • Reduced cost - Since the burner is smaller than other ultra-low NOx designs, the cost of material and labor is lower. Zeeco passes these savings on to our customers.


GLSF Enhanced Jett Flat Flame Description

The GLSF design incorporates internal flue gas recirculation to lower NOx emissions and to provide improved heat flux characteristics. In addition, the GLSF Enhanced Jet Flat Flame burner has small external dimensions, making it easy to retrofit into existing furnaces.

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