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The Increasing Importance of Upgrading PLCs in VRU Applications

By Gavan Jenkinson, Marty Smith, and Stephan Roberson on November 15, 2023

What is the actual cost of downtime when a vapour recovery unit (VRU) or vapour combustor unit..

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Reducing Carbon Footprints and Costs of Operation

By Marty Smith on May 10, 2021

Zeeco’s Marty Smith discusses downstream terminal emission control equipment

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Removing Obstacles to Increase Liquid Loading Throughput at Marine ...

By Zeeco on October 6, 2020

Gayla Broostin and Greg V. Seefeldt, Zeeco Inc., USA, outline the obstacles that need to be removed..

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A Cost-Effective Solution to Emission Compliance

By Zeeco on August 30, 2019

High capital costs are a significant challenge for storage operators in ensuring their older vapour..

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The Methane Misdirection

By Jim Stamm on September 24, 2018

Jim Stamm, Zeeco Inc., USA, explores accurate measurement of hydrocarbon emissions in the presence..

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Zeeco opens new office in Louisville, expands vapor control testing ...

By Zeeco on November 14, 2017

USA – BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA – Zeeco, Inc., today announced its Louisville, KY location is fully..

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Get Some Fresh Air

By Kyle D Shotts on August 4, 2017

Kyle D. Shotts, Zeeco Inc., USA, outlines the company's recent work designing a retrofit air..

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End-to-End Emissions

By John Soderstrom and Doug Allen on June 2, 2017

John Soderstrom and Doug Allen, Zeeco Inc., USA, examine the end-to-end emissions reduction..

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Keeping Control of Vapour

By Simon Shipley on June 1, 2017

Simon Shipley, Zeeco Europe Limited, UK, discusses the decision between two common vapour control..

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Controlling Emissions in the Production Process

By Sean MacLeod on March 28, 2016

Sean MacLeod, Zeeco, Inc. USA, discusses the many options available to help meet the regulatory..

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Vapour Recovery: Realising Your Recovered Product

By Simon Shipley on March 10, 2016

Simon Shipley, Business Manager for Vapour Recovery with Zeeco Europe Limited

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Vapour Recovery Developments in Emission Standards and Applications

By Simon Shipley on July 31, 2015

Throughout the world today, vapour recovery systems are a common sight at distribution terminals..

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Practical Flare Gas Recovery

By Brian Blackwell, Trevor Leagas, and Greg Seefeldt on January 26, 2015

Brian Blackwell, Trevor Leagas, and Greg Seefeldt, Zeeco, Inc., USA, discuss practical flare gas..

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Flare Impact Mitigation

By Scot Smith, Nigel Palfreeman, and Greg Seefeldt, Zeeco, and Mazen Mashour, Saudi Aramco on July 9, 2013

Zeeco’s own Scot Smith, Nigel Palfreeman, and Greg Seefeldt, in collaboration with Mazen Mashour,..

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Emission Statement

By Nigel Palfreeman, Ryan Roberts, and Greg Seefeldt on November 5, 2012

Zeeco takes a look at refinery combustion equipment using the latest emissions control..

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