Flare Monitors

Contour™ Smokeless Flare Control System

The ZEECO® Contour is an Automatic Flare Control System created by Zeeco flare engineers for the specific purpose of optimizing flare control to prevent non-compliance with environmental regulations, reduce utility consumption, prolong equipment life, and enhance Destruction Efficiency (DE).


Day or night, the patented ZEECO® FlareGuardian flame monitor utilizes Video Imaging Spectro-Radiometry (VISR), a real time multi-spectral imager, that directly, autonomously, and continuously measures combustion efficiency (CE), monitors visible emissions, and reports a flare’s smoke index to indicate levels of smoke produced from the flare flame.


The safeguard in landfill gas flaring applications—ZEECO Guardian™ has complete 24/7 continuous wireless flare system monitoring backed by Zeeco’s team of LFG industry experts.

Fiber Optic Pilot Monitor

The ZEECO® VerifEye™ fiber optic pilot monitoring system delivers a new level of instantaneous, discrete, and automatic flare pilot detection.