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Reducing Carbon Footprints and Costs of Operation

Zeeco’s Marty Smith discusses downstream terminal emission control equipment

Tank Storage, April/May 2021

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Hydrogen - The Alternative Fuel

John Guarco, Bob Langstine, and Michael Turner, Zeeco Inc., USA, explain how the combustion characteristics of H2 vastly differ from those of natural gas.

American Boiler Manufacturer Association - ABMA, Spring 2021

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Removing the Obstacles

Gayla Broostin and Greg V. Seefeldt, Zeeco Inc., USA, outline the obstacles that need to be removed to increase liquid loading throughput at marine terminal facilities.

Tanks & Terminals, Autumn 2020

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Taking On The Tiling Puzzle

David A. Short, Zeeco, UK, describes how an upgrade to the design of the traditional radiant wall burner tile used in process burners was achieved.

World Fertilizer, December 2019

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Oklahoma Standard, Global Impact

Zeeco, a leader in combustion technology, calls Broken Arrow home but touches the industry around the world.

Oklahoma Magazine, December 2019

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A Cost-Effective Solution to Emission Compliance

High capital costs are a significant challenge for storage operators in ensuring their older vapour recovery units are emission compliant.

Tank Storage Magazine, August/September 2019

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Dangers in Disguise

Clayton A. Francis, Zeeco, Inc., USA, explains why the greatest environmental impacts from flaring equipment can often seem harmless.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, March 2019

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The Methane Misdirection

Jim Stamm, Zeeco Inc., USA, explores accurate measurement of hydrocarbon emissions in the presence of methane.

Tanks & Terminals, Autumn 2018

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Burner Retrofit Increases Capacity and Cuts Costs

Roy Bisnett, Zeeco Inc., USA, discusses how replacement burners in a hydrogen reactor feed heater saved the cost of retrofit within a week.

Petroleum Technology Quarterly - PTQ , Q3 2018

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Focus on Flare Pilots

Clayton A. Francis, Zeeco Inc., USA, discusses the requirements of modern flare pilot detection systems.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, June 2018

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Retrofitting Crude Furnace Burners

A burner retrofit has delivered more robust operation with reduced NOx emissions from a crude process furnace.

Ryan Roberts, Zeeco, Revamps 2017

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Zeeco Calls Its New Direct Flare-Monitoring Technology a ‘Game-Changer’

“In terms of moving the needle, it’s a game-changer,” said Brian Duck, Zeeco’s global business manager of flare systems, in an interview last week at the company’s facility in Broken Arrow. “It’s the first device of its kind.”

Rhett Morgan, Tulsa World, August 1, 2017

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Get Some Fresh Air

Kyle D. Shotts, Zeeco Inc., USA, outlines the company’s recent work designing a retrofit air injection system for an LNG project on the US Gulf Coast.

LNG Industry, August 2017

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Flaring Up

Kirsten Berg, Zeeco Inc., USA, outlines specific design considerations for flaring in ammonia and urea production.

World Fertilizer, July/August 2017

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End-to-End Emissions

John Soderstrom and Doug Allen, Zeeco Inc., USA, examine the end-to-end emissions reduction solutions available to the oil and gas industry.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, June 2017

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Keeping Control of Vapour

Simon Shipley, Zeeco Europe Limited, UK, discusses the decision between two common vapour control technologies, recovery or combustion, in tank and terminal applications.

Hydrocarbon Engineering: Tanks & Terminals

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Flaring in Stages

Esther Bruce and Nikki Jenlink, Zeeco Inc., USA, look at staged flare designs for LNG applications.

LNG Industry, November 2016

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Withstanding the Wind

Scot Smith and Doug Allen, Zeeco, Inc., Joseph D. Smith, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Robert Jackson, Vikram Sreedharan and Ahti Suo-Anttila, Elevated Analytics, LLC, discuss the safe operation of adjacent multi-point ground flares, focusing on predicted and measured flame radiation in cross-flow wind conditions.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, October 2016

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Taking the Physical Approach

Today, modeling airflow usually implies using computational fluid dynamics software. But physical models still provide many advantages. Article by Jay Richardson, who is a combustion engineer at Zeeco, a manufacturer of combustion systems in Broken Arrow, Okla.

Mechanical Engineering magazine, Vol. 138, No. 11, November 2016

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Scorching Solutions: ZEECO FlareGuardian™

(Formerly known as FlareSentry)

Scot Smith and Christopher Filoon, Zeeco, USA, explain how the employment of direct flame monitoring technology can help operators comply with increasingly stringent flaring regulations.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, June, 2016

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Controlling Emissions in the Production Process

Sean MacLeod, Zeeco, Inc. USA, discusses the many options available to help meet the regulatory demands of managing emissions at the well pad.

E&P, March 2016

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Vapour Recovery: Realising Your Recovered Product

Simon Shipley, Business Manager for Vapour Recovery with Zeeco Europe Limited

Tank Storage, Feb/Mar 2016

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A Flare for the Dramatic

Scot Smith, Zeeco, Inc., USA, describes how the emissions testing of sonic velocity flares validates high destruction and removal efficiency.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, January 2016

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Solid Fuel To Natural Gas Conversions For Circulating Fluid Bed Boilers

Bill Gurski, Director of Power Sales, Zeeco Plainville, CT, USA

John Guarco, Technical Director of Boiler Burners, Zeeco Plainville, CT, USA

Nando Nunziante, Manager of Power Controls, Zeeco Plainville, CT, USA

CEA Yearbook 2016/17

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Vapour Recovery Developments in Emission Standards and Applications

Simon Shipley, Business Manager for Vapour Recovery with Zeeco Europe Limited

Tank Storage, July/August 2015

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Flare System Regulations

Clayton A. Francis, Zeeco, USA, outlines the potential consequences of proposed legislation to change the laws for flare system design and operation with the US.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, May 2015

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Practical Flare Gas Recovery

Brian Blackwell, Trevor Leagas, and Greg Seefeldt, Zeeco, Inc., USA, discuss practical flare gas recovery for minimisation of flaring.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, January 2015

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Retrofitting for Lower Emissions

Rex K. Isaacs, Director of Burner Products, Zeeco USA, LLC, discusses the use of compact design burner technology to meet challenging emissions restrictions in ethylene and olefins production.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, September 2014

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Heat Recovery

Zeeco’s Kirk Wesselowski discusses the proper application of preheaters and oil heaters for thermal oxidisers in gas processing facilities.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, September, 2013

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Understanding Thermal Oxidisers

Zeeco’s own Thermal Oxidiser Experts Peter Pickard and Kevin McQuigg, discuss the common design misconceptions of vapour and liquid waste thermal oxidiser systems.

2013 PTQ Q2

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15 Questions

15 Questions with Darton Zink, President and CEO, Zeeco, Inc.
Hydrocarbon Engineering, November 2012

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Built for Today's Hydrocarbon Processing Challenges: Zeeco’s Legacy of Innovation

Zeeco burners, flares and incinerators serve the hydrocarbon processing industry worldwide, meeting the strictest emissions requirements and surviving some of the harshest operating conditions on the planet. Zeeco engineers tackle industry challenges and deliver products that continue to change the hydrocarbon processing world. Read more about the history, successes, goals, and results in this Hydrocarbon Processing article on Zeeco, Inc.

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Global Maintenance Review Case Studies

Two recent maintenance projects handled by the Zeeco Rapid Response Team are detailed in Hydrocarbon Engineering’s Global Maintenance Report from May of 2012.

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Middle East Flaring Solutions

Zeeco Applications Engineer Clayton A. Francis details the High-Pressure Air Assist System (HPAAS) flaring solution developed specifically to eliminate smoke in flares in remote, arid areas such as the oilfields of the Middle East.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, May 2014

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Flare Impact Mitigation

Zeeco’s own Scot Smith, Nigel Palfreeman, and Greg Seefeldt, in collaboration with Mazen Mashour, Saudi Aramco, discuss ways to mitigate the impact of continuous flaring.

Hydrocarbon Engineering, July 2013

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Performance Audits for Burners and Flares

Zeeco’s Jesse Chambers, Jim Smith, and Keith Wade explain how pre-turnaround performance audits, pre-retrofit checklists, and visual flare inspections can identify issues and equipment needed for process heaters and flare systems for refineries and gas processing plants.

2012 PTQ Revamp Supplement

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Emission Statement

Zeeco takes a look at refinery combustion equipment using the latest emissions control technologies, including highly efficient burner designs and reliable, environmentally sensitive flaring technology. Hydrocarbon Engineering, November 2012

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Achieving Ultra Low-NOx Emissions in Thermal Oxidisers for Gas Processing

This Hydrocarbon Engineering article explores using Zeeco’s proprietary GLSF Free-Jet Ultra Low-NOx burner technology in thermal oxidisers to reduce stack emissions and meet industry regulations worldwide without sacrificing flame stability or operating range.

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Zeeco Chosen for DOE Technology Project

Zeeco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of combustion systems for use in refinery and chemical plant process equipment, has contributed to the conceptual designs, will lead test activities, and ultimately will manufacture and market a new technology to reduce natural gas consumption in process heaters. This project funded by the U.S Department of Energy will be used to develop technology to utilize opportunity gaseous fuels through a fuel-flexible combustion system taking full advantage of opportunity feedstocks such as biofuels, thereby reducing natural gas consumption, carbon and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

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Ultra-Low NOx Burners in Methanol Plants

Zeeco’s own Rex Isaacs, Ryan Roberts, and Zeeco Europe’s Nigel Palfreeman review the engineering and installation details of ultra-low NOx burner technology in a Methanol facility located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Nitrogen+Syngas, November-December 2013

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Flame Interaction and Rollover Solutions in Ethylene Cracking Furnaces

Zeeco’s Director of Burner Products, Rex Isaacs, explains the importance of flame, fuel, and lower emissions for new or expanding olefins facilities.

2013 PTQ Revamp Gas Supplement

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Thermal Oxidizer Waste Heat Recovery

Zeeco’s Ryan Tate discusses the basic theory of indirect or extractive heat recovery in thermal oxidizers. Includes practical ideas for operators and how heat recovery for hydrocarbons, BTEX, hydrogen sulfide, and other waste gas destruction enhances the efficiency of processing plants and minimizes operating costs.

2012 PTQ Quarter 4

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When the Heat Is On

Zeeco’s own Caleb Hurd and Tom Farmer discuss how to achieve efficient flaring at various flow rates. Hydrocarbon Engineering, September 2012.

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Zeeco Rapid Response Team Delivers on Demand

After years of aiding customers who faced a sudden need for replacement parts of equipment, the Zeeco Aftermarket Parts and Service team decided to change nearly every aspect of tight turnaround projects for customers. Knowing the demanding timeframes that define the petrochemical and related industries, Zeeco was determined to shrink production times and shorten delivery windows… and the Rapid Response Team was born.

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Better flame, lower NOx, less EFGR

Reduce thermal NOx levels and CO2 footprints efficiently and effectively with Zeeco’s patented Next Generation Ultra-Low NOx Free-Jet Boiler Burner

Zeeco’s Free-Jet design dramatically reduces or eliminates the need for external flue gas recirculation (EFGR) by maximizing the amount of internal flue gas recirculation (IFGR).

From the April, 2012 issue of Chemical Engineering magazine, page 72.

Chemical Engineering Web Site

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